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Interpreting, communication support and translation services


Our Interpreting and Communication Professionals are qualified and have a high level of experience and skills.

Sensing Change employs a number of Communication Professionals who are able to meet the communication needs of people who are D/deaf, deafened, deafblind or hard of hearing. They all have extensive experience of working in a variety of settings including; Health, Social Care, Legal, Employment, Community, Education or Business Meetings. Our Professional staff include:-

  • British Sign Language/Deafblind Manual/English Interpreter – We have our own in-house qualified Interpreter available for health and social care appointments for Suffolk residents.
  • Communication Support – We can provide experienced British Sign Language/English or Deafblind Manual Communication Support Workers for situations that do not require a qualified Interpreter.
  • Deaf Relay Interpreter - Our Deaf Relay Interpreter works alongside BSL Interpreters when a Deaf person has extra communication needs, i.e. is not fluent in BSL, has learning difficulties or mental health problems. The Deaf Relay interpreter adapts what the BSL interpreter is signing as well as the Deaf person. This aims to ensure that the Deaf person is fully involved with the communication.
  • Written English/British Sign Language Translation - Our BSL Translator is able to translate written information from English to BSL. This could include a range of information such as long documents for legal, employment, medical or social services.

Our Interpreters are registered with ASLI (Association of Sign Language Interpreters) and NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people) and are bound by their regulations regarding confidentiality.

We are able to match the communication level you need with the most appropriate Communication Professional in order to ensure that you benefit most from the assignment.

We are able to cover the following:-

  • Work/Employment
  • Legal Appointments
  • Social Care – Children and/or Adults
  • Hospital/GP Appointments
  • Community and Mental Health Appointments
  • Education/Parent Evening/School Meetings
  • Training courses
  • Christenings/Weddings/Funerals
  • Public Meetings


Please contact us if you need Interpreting or Communication Support for an event that is not included in the list above. Our services are very flexible and we are happy to support you whenever we can.

Our rates are very competitive and if you wish to discuss a booking, please contact Alex Catling at