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Equipment for people with hearing loss


Our professional staff can carry out a specialist assessment of your needs in your own home. We provide advice, information and practical equipment that will help you to overcome the isolation that is associated with hearing loss. We can identify the most appropriate equipment that will improve your communication skills and increase your independence. We can also help with:

  • Tactics to help you communicate better with families and friends
  • Offer emotional support and advice on how to cope with your hearing loss and prevent isolation
  • Advise on what resources are available throughout Suffolk, such as Lip Reading classes and social clubs
  • Give advice & information on equipment
  • Refer you to the fire service if you need a smoke alarm fitted
  • Demonstrate specialist equipment and teach you to use it if needed

Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable and have an excellent understanding of hearing loss. They are able to offer specific support based on your own personal experience, which ensure s you receive the right support, advice and guidance to meet your needs.